Badge (c.1890) of a “BROTHER” of the “PRIDE OF EMSWORTH“ -(Lodge 5774 of the Manchester Unity of the Independent Order of Odd-Fellows)

A Friendly Society was established in Emsworth as long ago as 1763, and existed for more than two hundred years. By the end of the nineteenth century there were at least seven such societies functioning in the town and its locality, among them being the Oddfellows and the Ancient order of Foresters.

The badge is therefore part of a story that covers quite a long period of history of the town. The badge was intended for ceremonial and celebrational use, as its extremely decorative appearance might indicate. The reverse however repeats the same gold lettering, but on a black background, the function of the badge changing dramatically to enable the wearer to mark sombre occasions such as deaths and their anniversaries, and funerals.