In late 2014 a committee member noticed a 1934 Emsworth Sailing Club silver and enamel pin/badge on ebay for sale by a dealer in Verwood Dorset.
Much intrigued by this, enquiries were made to try to find who had originally owned it. John Williams, who is a member of both the Trust and Emsworth Sailing Club, looked through the Club archives but no definite indication could be found although it is known that in the past there was a tradition of giving similar pins to the wives of Commodores. In 1919 the first Commodore of the Club was Major Whitaker. He served two more terms as Commodore - the final term being from 1932 to 1935.
The committee decided that the pin should return to Emsworth and after negotiation a discount price was agreed with the dealer.  The item has now been purchased using funds from the 50/50 Club and a donation.