3 High Street (Newsmag - Loretta's Coffee Bar)

Built around the beginning of the C19th, Nos 3 & 5 High St, are described in the Havant Borough section of Hampshire Treasures as “Three storeys. Red brick, with grey headers. Hipped slate roof. Fine Ionic portico.” They typify the kind of property built at that time to accommodate a growing merchant class. The building is unusual for the fact that it has served a single purpose for the town for much of its life, that of stationer, bookseller and newsagent. For a short time it served as the town’s Post Office and the engraving by William Pink of 1861 is a rare picture of the town centre before the age of photography. Note that the building declares Henry Moore’s business.

Key DatesOccupier/Function
1820 Mrs Holloway, Church Rate assessed at £28.CR
1831 Gawen Holloway, brickmaker.TD, PRO
1838 Gawen Holloway (owner), House and Garden, Thos Cluer (occupier).T622
1841-61 Not identifiable with any certaintyC
1867 Henry Moore, stationer and stamp distributor.TD
1871-81 Henry Moore, stationer and booksellerC
1891 Sarah F Provis, bookseller, stationer & agent.C
1899 William Bundy, stationer and bookseller.TD
1901 Wm Bundy.C
1903 Wm Bundy, stationer & bookseller.TD
1920-28 PE Jacobs, stationer.TD
1937 PE Jacobs, stationer, newspapers & lending library. Ad, NP
3 High Street (Newsmag - Loretta's Coffee Bar)