Can you HELP to answer any of the following questions?
Qn.1: In this picture of St Peter’s Chapel, a turret-like building with a pyramid shaped roof has been constructed on the RHS of the Methodist Chapel. Enlargements show that there is a signboard at approximately door height that says “Men’s Institute”. If anyone has any information about this building, we should grateful if you would pass it onto to us.

Qn 2: Although it was satisfying finding a 200 year old typographical error, the correction of “Kasewell” to “Rosewell“ has not helped a great deal. We should be grateful for any information regarding “T. Rosewell’s Brewery, Emsworth”.
Qn 3: An old photograph, purportedly of the Post Office in Emsworth. We would be grateful for any information about the location of these buildings.




1. Write a booklet on 1 Queen St/2King St
2. The Police Service in Emsworth
3. Brewers and breweries:
Rosebery’s Brewery Emsworth owned the Crown
George Whicher
William Hipkin
Alfred E Hipkin
Arthur Hartley: lived in Trentham in 1914, Kinnell and Hartley owned The Crown in 1914
4. The Men’s Institute at St Peter’s?