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Picturesque Views of Emsworth

Well worn and thin red cover with gold leaf decoration 'Picturesque Views of Emsworth'. The body of the pages is loose and is detached from the staples. The title is Photographic Views of Emsworth. Published by F.S. Bundy, Stationer, Emsworth. There…

Down Channel: The Smacks and Mariners of The Shoreham Oyster Fishery

Hardback book. 248 p. Colour and monochrome ill. 25cm x 18cm

Wodehouse Trail

CD (Maxell) containing four pdf's entitled 'A Walk Around Emsworth'.

Local views in and around Emsworth

On a compact disk (Verbatim)

Draft EMHT Newsletter 2010

DVD containing one monochrome version and one colour version for issue 3 (2010).

Images of Emsworth's past.

DVD (Maxell) containing a variety of old images of Emsworth especially relating to the Oyster trade. Foster's building and funeral, old ships and other vessels.

Washington Road School Reunion, Emsworth.

DVD containing footage of this event.

St. George's Day, Emsworth

DVD containing colour footage of the event.

St. George's Day, Emsworth.

DVD containing colour footage of the event.