Sailing in Emsworth during the 1950s.




Sailing in Emsworth during the 1950s.


Kingston memory stick DTSE9 G2 USB 3.0 16GB. Runs for 55 minutes 25 secs. Produced in 2020.
Comprises the following: 1950-1953
1950 - People on the Mole walking around the Millpond.
- Red 18ft Playmate. Parham's built and design.
- Eva Mant's Slipper. Original now in Cowes Maritime Museum.
- Stormalong S7
- Mrs Vera G. Marsh & probably G.V. Mant, Commodore of Emsworth Sailing Club, presenting prizes.
- Bottom of South Street.
- Beacon Class AEO E21
- Emerald (Curtis) helmed by Nora Dewhurst.
- Silvercraft Mardi owned by Roy Howells.
- Image of George Gray and Roy Howells.
- Merlin Rocket 384
- F435 Smew was the famous Richard Murray's boat. It was used in the 1948 Olympic trials at Hayling when Richard was short listed.
- Geoffrey March (GEM), aged 13, clinker built dinghy with red lug sail being rowed out at low tide to the bottom of South street. Single storey Blue Bell pub, later replaced.
- Put on launching trolley then pushed up South street.
- to be parked behind Marsh Plant and Machinery Office, 23 South street before it became a limited company.
- Opens with National 18ft boats
- People on the Mole, ESSC. Gordon Parham with bicycle.
-Signalling gun Bert Sasoll and G.V. Mant, Commodore
-ESSC flag.
- Launching by a new Folk boat built by Parham at the Hermitage.
- Percy Clayton who had his farm requisitioned to build Thorney Island.
- GEM in Firefly F1119 Salamander crewed by Jerry Goldberg.
- Admiralty Paint Rafts in the back ground
- Mrs Vera G. Marsh behind Rosemary.
- Harold Marsh Behind Lindsay.
- Ron Outen - Firefly Tiptop at the bottom of South street, shows the former Mill, now the home of ESSC.
- F1119 coming up the channel to South street with Roy Mant at the helm. The Ark in the background.
Reel 2 1954 after 14 minutes 43 secs.
- Emsworth High Street and Square.
- Sheila Treagust, 18ft National Class. Dick (Richard) Treagust 18 86.
- Sheila Treagust, 18ft National Class.
- Swear Deep Buoy.
- National 19s crossing the finishing line. ESSC burgee on flagpole on Mill Pond before starting hut was built.
- August 21st Dell Quay Sailing Club Regatta.
- Bob Borrrett, Ron Outen, John Mace.
- E12 is the first Betsy Clone built by Parham's. It was called Overdraft and owned by Nora Dewhurst of Emerald fame. It was essentially sold to Brian Horrocks.
- ESC No.4 Emsworth One Design one of ESC's club boats.
- 505 49 at the bottom of South street.
- ESC Regatta start.
- J62 Bill Hutson and his wife Marjorie.
- Off Hayling Island sailing club.
- 14 - K661 National 14ft.
- ESC Safety Boat.
- Dutch Barge off HISC.
- Merlin Rocket SO2 capsize.
- Merlin Fleet at the bottom of South street.
- Audrey Mant, wife of John [end of reel 2 at 37 mins 01 secs.
Reel 3 at 37 mins 16 secs.
- ESC starting platform Finn K18
- ESC Fireflies of which F2 is one of the 1948 Olympic dinghies named Fee, Fie, Foe and Fum.
- Betsy S17 Pat watson, Lorna Reed and Alan Stannar, Els Ted and Dot Bailey.
- Admiral Curtis withe crew of ladies.
- Firefly 1233 Zigeuner. John Mace and Babs Mace winning.
- Frank Parham, Martin Beale
- Prize giving by Dick Treagust and his wife.
- John Mace, Bill Hutson, Roya Mant, Roy Outen, Les Pine, Gordon Parham, Ted Bailey and son Jim (aged 14) Vif cadet class.
- Martin Beale making a 'thank you' speech.
- J62 in high wind. GEM third crew member in heavy weather.
- J62 capsized.
- J62 sailing again, full sail.
- Enterprise E1382 capsized.
- J62 going ashore at ESC. ESC terrace, Dr. Angus Harris.
- Admiral's Barge.
- Brian Horrock's E12
- Ted Bailey's E15 brand new Betsy clone Makeway, which is still in use today.
- ESSC starting hut SOS Red Streak III
- ESC Terrace John Enderby, Dr. Angus Harris
- F2 878 GEM


Filmed by L.W.G. Marsh. A Mike Beel Production




1952 to 1957


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Filmed by L.W.G. Marsh. A Mike Beel Production, “Sailing in Emsworth during the 1950s.,” Explore Emsworth Museum, accessed May 18, 2022,
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