TREASURE IN STORE  'art and artifacts revealed'


Mrs Linda George and Barrie Smith viewing the exhibits.

This year the Museum has mounted exhibitions on a wide range of topics, overflowing with items of interest and with relevance to Emsworth as a community. Finding a suitable topic for the last exhibition of the year and then building up a display is not a task for the faint-hearted! Congratulations, then, to the creators of "Treasure in Store: Art and Artefacts Revealed" for giving us some tantalizing glimpses of Emsworth's past culled from the Museum's store-rooms.

The wall panels in the David Rudkin Room showed a selection of photographs and posters, all with cleartreasure4 explanations of their provenance: the sailing club in 1922, the carnival queen in 1938, the water carnival in 1953 to name but a few. There were some charming watercolours of the harbour and boats, and an ornate Long Service Certificate to one Wallace O'Hagan for his twentyfive years as the town's gas-lamp lighter! 

The display cabinets held artefacts like the stone crop-weights used for weighing grain - and also used for weighing down smuggled goods under water until the coast was clear. There were some neolithic and palaeolithic stone tools and some Roman pottery, and other items too numerous to mention here.
And if we needed a reminder of how times and prices have changed, a poster from the early 1900s advertising California Wines stated that a dozen bottles of finest quality Burgundy could be had for twentyfive shillings.