A Brief History of Local Football 1900 -1960

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 After a number of cameo appearances in previous exhibitions, football made its much-awaited full debut as a serious premier league player at the latest Emsworth Museum exhibition. A new exhibition A Brief History of Local Football, 1900 to 1960 opened at Emsworth Museum on Saturday 17th June and ran through to 9th July 2017.

The exhibition covered the progress of the beautiful game in Emsworth over a period of some 60 years, and also in the case of Portsmouth FC, right through to the present day. It was mounted by local enthusiast Steve Miller who drew upon items in his own private collection, and other material collected by his parents, for the presentation. Thus we learned that team that held the FA Cup for the longest period of time was Pompey, since they won in 1939 and the event was not staged again until after the end of WW II. We also saw the development of the football boot from its original brown leather ankle tourniquet form, toe-caps and all, into the sleek modern day football shoe. Pride of place in the collection was an original brown leather lace-up football, the kind that would tattoo a frown on any forehead unfortunate enough to contact it in the wrong spot!

The Exhibition also drew upon material, chiefly photographs, from the Museum’s own archive, and enthusiastic visitors were able to supply names to many of the players. Through these photographs you could trace quite clearly the development of football from toe-cap and flat cap to slipper and top-knot.

The crowd that visited the exhibition were not from the Museum’s normal constituency. It was a pleasure therefore to hear an excited buzz from visitors genuinely engaged with the exhibition and their promises to come again to future museum events. Steve said he was pleased with the outcome, but to be fair, the Museum was over the moon. Yes, in the case of Steve Miller’s exhibition, you could say “the boy done good”.

Clive     Pictures: Web Editor


Top picture: Ray Crawford cutting the ribbon with Margatet Rogers 'Vice Chairman' assising.

Bottom: Derek and Hazel Wilshire signing the visitor'e book. Derek is a former player for Emsworth.


To see the opening ceremony, click on: http://www.emsworthmuseum.org.uk/news/18-news/115-ex-pompey-centre-forward-opens-the-local-football-exhibition