Warblington Villa Estate. An Update


Warblington Villa1
Chichester and District Archaeological Society posed a big question in their publicity for this exhibition “What is the mystery object that was uncovered and ignored until the last day in their 2014 excavations”? It certainly aroused curiosity!
More than 600 visitors were fascinated to read the story of this unique find and see many of the excavated Roman artefacts displayed in the cabinets. We learnt from the timeline that the Warblington Estate was occupied sometime before the Roman Palace at Fishbourne. For the past 9 years the members of the Society have been exploring the site and a number of significant buildings have been excavated including a bathhouse.Warblington Villa2
The archaeologists’ exciting and unique find was finally revealed and actually on display. A small stone box with a stone lid called a cist containing two small pouches made of lead. This discovery has posed many more questions yet to be answered.
At the museum we look forward to hearing about further exciting discoveries by C&DAS on the Warblington Villa Estate.


Pictures John Tweddell.

Photo captions to be added.