Roman Villa


 The team working on the Warblington Villa site

The Chichester & District Archaeology Society under the direction of Dr Trevor and Ann Davies and members opened an interesting exhibition in the Rudkin Room of archaeological information and artefacts which have been found locally.


Ann Davies and Margaret Rogers

The Society has been working since approximately 2006 on what has now come to be called the Warblington Villa Estate, close to the Havant Road in Emsworth.
Dr Davies and his wife have arranged a time line on the boards showing the Society's various events and finds from pre-Roman times to the present day. In 2010 three trenches were dug across the wall discerning substantial foundations followed by excavations on the barn across from the villa and then the "rectangular building".

villa3 1

In the exhibition room's centre cases were to be found items from some of their recent digs of Roman tile and brickwork as well as part of an imported amphora. Small artefacts - coins, pins etc., also of the Roman era are displayed in the side cases..
The exhibition was on at the museum until the 2nd August. Margaret Rogers

This article and pictures have been taken from the Newsletter Issue 3 2015