Warblington: A Late Iron Age and Roman Estate 21st September 2015

Dr Trevor Davies opened the Winter Talks programme with an excellent lecture describing investigations by the Chichester and District Archaeology Society on the Warblington Estate site. 

TrevorDavies 1This illustrated talk followed on from the recent exhibition at the MuseumHe explained how the use of pioneering modern technology had advanced the search and excavations on this local site, specifically selected as appropriate for its trial. It enabled further mapping, so revealing a larger and even more interesting Roman villa.

An extremely well attended presentation, it was no wonder it invited numerous questions from the floor.
Our chairman Tony Stimson, giving thanks to Trevor, said it was wonderful to have so much significant history at Warblington right under our noses! He hoped that the land is sufficiently protected so that CDAS will be able to continue gathering information and developing the story of this settlement for many years to come.

There are links which Trevor thought that we may like to look at:  www.cdas.info and http://www.fieldclub.hants.org.uk/hampshire-archaeology-report-2012-districts.pdf