50th Anniversary of Emsworth Marina


Two of Rear Admiral P.D. Gick’ daughters:   Left Sue Edden      right Rachel Gick

I don't like boats, so I didn't think I would enjoy the Museum's latest exhibition. I needn't have worried - there was much more information on the Marina's impact on Emsworth than on the boats themselves!  The David Rudkin Room displayed a large selection of colourful posters packed with information, as well as press cuttings and photographs, documenting the birth and development of this important local facility.  


I was surprised to learn that Emsworth had had a significant boat-building industry dating from the late 1800s.  The logs for building the boats were seasoned in the tidal Mill Pond.  By the 1990s the industry had died out and the Mill Pond had dried out.

Enter retired Rear Admiral Philip Gick, whose Royal Naval career made very interesting reading! In 1965 he bought the Mill Pond and three smaller basins, dredged them and created the Yacht Harbour. Photos of the construction showed the huge difficulties he had to overcome.

Thanks to his vision and determination, Emsworth now offers first-class facilities to sailors and landlubbers alike!The Harbour's impact on the whole community was well described, from the building of the Deck Houses and the growth of sailing activities to the development of a whole range of local businesses , from chandlery to a School of Navigation!

The final poster showed how the Harbour fits into the whole Chichester Harbour area, which, as well as possessing great natural beauty, hosts no fewer than 12 sailing clubs and 5 marinas.