Meet a Naval Captain of 1805 and his Lady.

Roger and Barbara Glancefield, members of the Royal Navy 1805 Living History Group, gave Museum members and friends an evening with a difference on October 19th 2015. As a change from a power point presentation, they treated us to two naval costume shows. The first depicted a captain and his lady dressed as they would have been in Nelson’s time.


Barbara, a blue badge guide, introduced us to the period 1785-1812, wearing a Regency dress and hat. Roger then entered the hall wearing his magnificent full captain’s period uniform. He explained in some detail items of clothing he was wearing and showed us two stunning swords. Great interest was shown in his buckled black ‘universal’ shoes-interchangeable and neither left nor right until 1812.

After a short break Roger returned wearing the service dress of a WWII Fleet Air Arm lieutenant-commander-a complete contrast. Once again he gave us an informed description of his outfit. 

Roger then invited questions from what proved to be a lively audience and answered several queries relating to different epaulette colours on his uniform. It was a most enjoyable presentation.


PICTURE Roger & Barbara demonstrating to the audience.