The museum is continually adding to its array of artifacts, through generous donation, and knowledge of the history, culture and people of Emsworth through research of members and other local historians. New information is always coming to light and visiting the museum is guaranteed to be a rewarding experience. It is the obvious place to base any research project regarding Emsworth family history, or the general history of the locality due to its archive, increasingly being made available electronically, and the accessibility of expertise and knowledge within the membership of the Trust. Take a look at the History of Emsworth and the Emsworth Timeline to appreciate the motivation behind the setting up of the museum in Emsworth. Read how the Museum was established.

The museum contains a vast quantity of artifacts and there is an ongoing exercise, beginning in the close season of 2015-16, to log these into a new database resource. Further digitalisation of the museum's archive is also underway, and you will soon be able to search the material that has been entered so far.

We have also provided some links to other web sites that you might find useful.