A number of enquiries to the Emsworth Museum Desk are concerned with map information to aid research into property history. Recent property histories can be traced through the website
When you get there put your postcode into the search box and "Go". Select your address from the options given and you will get a modern map of your locality. However on the right of the screen you will see some options for older OS maps, click on the one you want (the oldest appears to be 1869). You zoom in by clicking on the map. Latterly the site has constrained free usage by permitting one magnification only, which is a bit of a bind. However you can still get quite a lot of information from this limited access by using the 1:2500 series map. Some of these maps are freely available on the Portsmouth University website (see below), and for some strange reason you can, with a little difficulty, access most of the maps of England and Wales completely free of charge on the National Library of Scotland website.

Two relevant earlier maps of the Emsworth area are IT & C Lewis’ 1833 “Map of the Parishes of Warblington, Havant and Bedhampton”, and the Tithe Apportionment Map for Emsworth produced under the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836. Part of the latter covering the centre of Emsworth appears in this browser, the Emsworth Museum is currently trying to obtain hard copy of the complete map.

An exhaustive list of printed maps (with images) of Hampshire dating from 1575, can be found at
Here one particularly useful function of the site is the button "one inch maps". Click this then on the left hand side of the page you will then see some maps that are accessible by clicking the titles eg "OS 1810s" gives the early Ordnance Survey maps.

The equivalent webpage for printed maps of Sussex is,
but much less developed than the Hampshire site since the maps of Sussex have been catalogued in hard copy in “Printed Maps of Sussex, 1575-1900” by D. Kingsley, Volume 72, Sussex Record Society, 1980-81. This book is available in the Museum for reference purposes. There is no such equivalent publication as regards Hampshire.

Last but not least, telephone Emsworth Museum 01243-378091. Help is available through the auspices of the Museum Archivists, a service free to members of the EMHT. If you are a non-member reading this then you may feel the need to join - not expensive!

AC Pugh