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Emsworth Food Festival 2001

A collection of xx photos from Emsworth Food Festival 2001

Death of a Dredge

Written, filmed and produced by
Year 6 pupils at
St. James C of E Primary School. Emsworth
Based on the research of Linda Newell
John Parham - Joe Robinson
Noel Kinnell - Henry Harris
Barmaid …

St George's Day 2012

Video of St George's day parade of 2012, including speeches in the town square.

Songs of a Bygone Era

Songs and dialogue associated with the Band of Hope and their visits to Kingley Vale. Starting from Emsworth Square, the children went on horse drawn brakes (four wheels) each pulled by two horses. The break called Violet was the most popular. A…
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Varnished wood, recovered from above a bed in the Victoria Cottage Hospital Emsworth. 76cm long by 10cm high by 12cm thick. Two drilled and counter sunk screw holes for fixing to a wall. Inscription in gold lettering with black boarder "GEORGE…

Wodehouse Expo Materials Part 2

Wodhouse photo 1.jpg
3 PDF Documents and a collection of 28 Photos and 1 Map

Wodehouse Expo Materials

Emsworth House005.jpg
A PDF document and a collection of 10 photos

Chichester Harbour Survey 2006

Sequence of pictures and video of plant and animal species identified in Chichester Harbour during a survey conducted July 3rd - 7th, 2006

A Damsel in Distress. A New Stage Musical.

Chichester Festival Theatre programme, first musical for the Festival 2015. Dimensions 24 cm x 15 cm. Good condition.

Emsworth Motor Company keyring

EMHT1730 Front.JPG
Light brown Emsworth Motor Company key chain with embossed gold lettering and metal links. 6cm x 4cm. Good condition- some additional writing in ink on back and bottom of front.