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Songs of a Bygone Era

Songs and dialogue associated with the Band of Hope and their visits to Kingley Vale. Starting from Emsworth Square, the children went on horse drawn brakes (four wheels) each pulled by two horses. The break called Violet was the most popular. A…
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Mike Lillywhite talks to Angel Radio

Angel Radio interview with Mike Lillywhite at the Emsworth Museum during the Lillywhites Garage 60th Anniversary exhibition.
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Lillywhite's Garage.

Paul’s talk covers the period from the garage’s establishment to the present day when it is now under the joint ownership of Paul and Mike Lillywhite. This recording was made shortly after an exhibition was held at the garage and he talks about some…

WW1 and the Battle of Jutland

Mrs Ponsonby talks about her relations who were involved in WW1, fighting on the Somme and in the Battle of Jutland. This video was created to form part of the Museum’s exhibition on its commemoration of the Battle of Jutland.

Being torpedoed in 1942

At the age of 14 Audrey and her parents were on their way by ship to England from Capetown, South Africa, when they were torpedoed in the Indian Ocean by a German submarine. Mrs Tiller talks about their journey via a stay in a prison camp on their…

Growing up in Emsworth in the period 1960s to 2010

Marlene was the daughter of the Manager of Corbins’ Shoe Shop in The Square. He and the family were transferred by his company to Emsworth when she was about 6 years old, and she is now married to a local builder. She worked initially at the…

Helen Hockey - St James Organist

Helen describes how she came to be St James’ organist and how over the years church services and the style of worship has changed. She also comments on the changing dress code now acceptable in church and tells of some amusing incidents which…

Growing up in Emsworth during the 1960/70s

Mike Rogers describes the freedom young schoolchildren had to roam around the area close to Brook Meadow and the Rookery in the Hermitage area and how the town has gradually built up over the years.. He tells of his early years in various jobs and…

Early forces broadcasting and working for the BBC

Tim Gudgin talks about how he joined the BBC broadcasting service and programmes he was associated with
Mr Gudgin’s voice will be well-known to many BBC listeners as he read out the football results over the airwaves on Saturday evenings for many…

The Girl Guide movement and The Girls’ Sea Scouts in Emsworth

Mrs Jacobs was the first person to be awarded the Queen’s gold medal for passing all the tasks required to obtain a full set of badges for a Girl Guide. Mrs Pinhorn, who ultimately became a Superintendent of the local girl guides group, was also…