Operation Overlord: Great Plans and Big Egos

06 October 2022


Talk by Lord Richards of Herstmonceux

Thursday October 6th 2022, at 7.30 pm

Operation OVERLORD was the biggest amphibious operation in history. It took years of almost faultless planning and preparation. Yet it was a close run thing, in part because of the oversize egos and rivalries of the politicians and generals involved, on both the Allied and Axis sides. Underpinned by a campaign narrative that culminates in the fall of Paris, this revealing talk also examines the conduct and motives of the characters in whose hands our destiny lay.

(This is a repeat of the oversubscribed talk held on 15 th January 2020)


Tickets £5.00 per person, will available from Bookends from 5th September



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  • 06 October 2022

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