Thomas à Becket Exhibition – the Church and the Man
29th August to 27th September 2020

 Thomas a Becket exhibition picture 1 from John Tweddell September 2020Thomas a Becket exhibition picture 4 by John Tweddell September 2020








The present Bishop of Portsmouth, The Rt. Rev Christopher Foster attended the exhibition on Sunday 20th September and he was shown the important displays curated by Christopher Morrison and Gordon Braddock.

The Bishop also visited the main exhibition room accompanied by Trevor Davies the Chairman of EMHS.

As Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas à Becket, a Catholic lived in the time when the power of the King, Henry11 and the Pope competed to administer good order. Beckett was brutally murdered in Canterbury Abbey by four Knights. This murder shocked the country and in 1173 Pope Alexander pronounced Becket a Saint attributing many miracles to this religious man. The Vatican of today is to help mark the 850th anniversary of Becket’s death and to celebrate the man himself by returning his bloodstained cloak to Canterbury Cathedral.

As well as pictures of St Thomas à Becket’s Church and the nearby St James’s Church, there was up to date information about church services and the history of previous serving vicars. The exhibition also included a display of silver artefacts: a silver flagon dated 1823-4, a silver chalice or communion cup and a silver wafer box.

The excellent exhibition has been well attended by many visitors.